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Covering electronics and wagon/container bashing.


Images and info will be added to the sections below as more progress is made.


New point control panels for the existing layout and ready for the next extension. Also incorporating an advanced system for controlling crane use (if they keep working long enough) and (hopefully) avoid anymore incidents of the cranes being broken by trains attempting to leave while the cranes are fiddling with them at the same time.

The first tiny steps......

Next, panel bodging 101:

Cut and drill some secondhand perspex.

Add some components and brakets.

Solder on the previously built cable. Note the cable is tightly secured in a loop to the panel on a braket before the soldered joints, this way if the cable accidently gets pulled all the soldered parts won't get pulled off. The rest of the cable is wrapped around the panel just for easy storing.

And here's the other side ready for Alan to paint and fix into the layout (Hence screw ends sticking through)

And finally a quick jig was hooked up to test the electronics all work. It'd didn't. The first rotary switch fitted had a short in it somewhere causing it to work incorrectly so everything was un-soldered again and a new one fitted. Second time lucky!

Update 27/06/13:

Control panel construction has now been completed and succesfully tested away from the layout. Diagrams below for those wishing to try a similar concept.

Inside the Main Panel:

And the outside:

Arches to fit over the Fiddle Yard to help identify tracks:

The 'Crane Operator' Panel


Work on older container carrying wagons that could be seen in the early to mid 90s. Paint and graphics will be covered by Alan!

FLA 5 set modified from RealTrack FLA twins.

FSA pairs modified from Hornby/Triang FFAs with Bachmann Y25 bogies and S-Kits detailing parts.

FFA/FGA 5 set and 4 set from Hornby/Triang with added S-Kits detailing pack.

FHA/FGA 'Lowliner A' pair. Plan in progress.....


With Heljan bars to fit in the containers to make them compatable to work with the cranes being like hens teeth an alternative was required. Experimentation has found that using m6 bolts of a suitable material to work well with the magnets in the crane grabber is a good solution. Work to modify the containers is the same as it would have been with fitting heljan bars, the only additional step being to 'tap' the holes drilled in the container tops with an m6 tap to hold the bolts. Another bonus of this method which isn't possible with Heljan bars is that now tank-tainers can be used with the crane. Painting to standard again is Alan's domain.