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Along the Mainline

As well as the intermodal services for the yard, a variety of different trains can be seen passing to the rear of the container terminal along the mainline.

Under the bridge at the south end of the layout, a BR blue 08 shunter trundles back into the headshunt as a 37 with an engineering service slowly heads up the mainline:

A quick run up the hill reveals a better view of the 37:

A quiet Sunday with a pair of DRS 37s in possesion of the Down-Main with the total rail replacement train:

Network Rail class 31 light engine move waits at the signal:

Load-Haul class 37 heading up on the wrong line with a train of steel coils:

A suspiciously clean Mainline blue 37 passes down the line on a little light mixed freight:

Light engine moves are common heading up the mainline from engines that have been released at the far end of the yard. Here a Freightliner class 66 'Shed' waits at a red signal as another of it's class mates crosses from the mainline to the yard with a fresh batch of containers:

More mainline light engine returns, this time in the form of a double headed RfD 86/87 combo. A visiting Mainline class 09 looking very ex-works can be seen shunting the train that the AC traction has just brought into the yard:

The signal finally goes green! shunting move is well underway already:

Catenary stretching off along the line....

HGVs all wait to set out on the road as an MPV and class 70 pass each other on the mainline:

More to follow soon.......